Tenerife wallpaper pack Free download of beauty and sunshine

It seems that it should be boring to travel to a small island again after visiting it several times. But there is one that is impossible to resist. You always find something new and exciting every single time you travel there! It’s called Tenerife, one of Canary Islands, located in Atlantic Ocean.

Bananas, beaches and tourists are in the South while water is running from green mountains in the North. Lots of goats and high rocks fill the West and cities are shining in the East. In the center of the island stands his majesty active volcano Teide (3718 m), surrounded by beautiful national park, full of green Canarian pines, rocks and more volcanoes. Where else can you find such diversity in 2000 square kilometers?

During the recent visit in autumn, 2014, I made lots of photos in all corners of the island and thought about the idea to transfer this beauty and sunshine to the computer screen right in front of you! That’s how Tenerife desktop wallpaper pack was born. Please do not hesitate to download it (scroll down for the links) and make your life a little bit warmer.

Here are some images from the pack:

Dragon tree in Chamorga, most northern town of Tenerife
Dragon tree in Chamorga, the most northern town of Tenerife
Observatory complex in Teide national park
Observatory complex in Teide National Park
Punta Brava district in Puerto Cruz de Tenerife
Colorful Punta Brava district in Puerto de la Cruz
The water flows from inside the mountains in the North. Green is a common color here.
Green mountains are full of water in the North.
Las Teresitas
The famous beach of Las Teresitas, near the town of San Andrés
A road in Teide national park
A rocky road in Teide National Park
The moon is riding a hill near the town of Buenavista del Norte
The moon is riding a hill near the town of Buenavista del Norte

These and more images (total 12) for your computer can be downloaded completely for free:

Windows 7/8 theme (click to download and execute the file)
Tip: to change your desktop wallpaper, right-click anywhere on the desktop and select Next desktop background.

Optimized for Macbooks (click to download zip file and extract)
Tip:  to set a desktop wallpaper, right-click on the image file you like and select Set Desktop Picture.

Enjoy and hasta pronto en Tenerife!

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