Lithuania in fresh green A two week photo story


Once in a year there is a time in Lithuania called “fresh green”. It’s time when trees and everything around them start to become green. It lasts very shortly and leaves get usual summer shades soon. For the last two weeks I’ve been fascinated by this beauty and tried to shot those very-fresh-green moments of the spring. Sharing them with you!

Recommended background music: Andrius Mamontovas – Dabar ir čia  

Vingis park, Vilnius, Lietuva.
April 27. Everything started to become green around this time. One birch at Vingis park received my attention that evening.


Žalieji ežerai, Vilnius, Lithuania
April 29. By the water trees become green much faster. Žalieji ežerai, Vilnius.


Balsio ežeras, Vilnius, Lietuva.
The shore of the lake is already filled with green.


Ambulance, Vilnius, Lietuva.
May 2. Passing ambulance surrounded by trees (for photographers – shutter speed 13 sec., before sunset, the bridge is moving when cars are passing by).


Merkinė, Nemunas, Lietuva.
May 5. Visited Merkine, views were astonishing and I felt very happy to live in such a beautiful country.


Druskininkai, Lietuva
The birches of Druskininkai looked perfect that day.


Druskininkai, Lietuva
Just a wonderful evening in Druskininkai.


Road Druskininkai-Vilnius, Lietuva
May 7. The road of spring (Druskininkai-Vilnius). I stopped every 10 minutes, just couldn’t pass all this spring by.


Varėna, Lietuva.
An exploding shack near Varėna.


Kelias Druskininkai-Vilnius, Lietuva
Near Vilnius aeroclub.


Kelias Druskininkai-Vilnius, Lietuva
50 shades of green.


Vilnius, Lietuva
Vilnius is becoming covered by the green wave.


Gedimino pilies bokštas, Vilnius, Lietuva.
Gediminas tower feels really good between fresh green trees.


Molėtai, Lietuva.
May 9. The town of Molėtai has great boats.


The Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology, Molėtai, Lietuva.
The Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology meets the spring. It’s not an UFO in the top, it’s a flying stork.


Vingis park, Vilnius, Lietuva.
May 11. Checked where started – at Vingis park. Yes, there are much more fresh green leaves now!


The fresh green time will end soon and I suggest to extend it forever! All published photos are available as prints for your home, office or friend.

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Photos shot from April 27, 2015 to May 11, 2015.
Made in Lithuania.

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