Busy bees of Vilnius streets Photography project / exhibition


Walking down the streets of Vilnius I always see people doing different jobs, working right on the street. I decided to photograph them, because I feel a huge respect. Respect for the reason our city is clean, respect, because they work when it’s raining, snowing or +32C outside. Respect for supporting their families or even trying to survive. This photo project is dedicated for all the bees of Vilnius streets.

Recommended background music:  Street Life – Randy Crawford 

Filming a movie on Sunday morning
Making a movie in Uzupis on Sunday morning. Bees were driving round and round and stopping other cars.


Busy bees of Vilnius streets by Martynas Slapsys 08
Her lips are lipstick red and she plays perfect at Pilies street.


Street cleaner 6:30am
6:30. They start working even before sunrise, huge respect to all cleaners of the streets


Busy bees of Vilnius streets by Martynas Slapsys 07
Hard job to accept. Even for windows.


Thoughtful ice cream seller..
Kamile is a little bit afraid of many birds walking around her.


2 work, 3 look
Two men are working, two are looking and one is texting. What a great company!


Busy bees of Vilnius streets by Martynas Slapsys 02
Ana sells monuments right on the street. The business is going very well, some people even buy monuments from Finland and transport them on the trains.


Business going on near Kalvarijos market
Making deals near Kalvarijos market. There are lots of used stuff here and people sell things some of us can never imagine.


The orange bike keeper
The orange bike keeper. Two men support all the public bikes of Vilnius.


Selling vegetables at +30C in the summer
Guys have been selling vegetables near the freeway for 3 years. It’s +32°C or 90°F outside.




Street flower seller
“They often call the police, but we are still selling flowers on the street”


Busy bees of Vilnius streets by Martynas Slapsys 18
Lucky men. Cleaning the river is maybe the most exclusive job in Lithuania.


7:00 am
Three musketeers at 7:00 AM


The old street clown.
The old street clown in action.


Busy bees of Vilnius streets by Martynas Slapsys 17
They’re still working and she’s got the look.


You definitely have to visit Campanile of St. John’s Church. The old town views are fantastic, and one more thing...
Pilies street waiters. You have to visit Campanile of St. John’s Church – the old town views are fantastic. And one more thing…


Shot from May to October, 2014.
Project photos are also exhibited in Vero Cafe, Gedimino ave. 37.

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